Preventing Your Pickup From Needing A Truck Doctor}

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We get annual checkups with our doctor and take care of our body the best way we can by trying to keep our cholesterol numbers low, right? But do you pay the same attention to your trucks pipes and engines parts so that they are healthy and running smooth, or do you just change the oil and thats that? Some of us may need to pay more attention to the things that could clog our truck system the same way our veins and arteries could get so much plaque that our hearts dont work efficiently, and may fail us.

The bond that often exists between a man and his truck is one that only truck lovers totally understand. You walk your dog to keep him healthy, but chances are you do it more than just once in awhile. Using, and I mean REALLY using your truck is something you need to do more than just now and then for it to stay healthy. By that I mean, if all you are doing is driving to and from work, and maybe an occasional trip to the store, you arent giving it the work out it needs on a regular basis, especially if you have a turbo diesel. Our bodies are not the only machine that needs exercise and a good workout.

Trucks of yesteryear were actual work mules with an engine. They got plenty of exercise hauling, pulling tractors and working in the fields over rough terrain. They were driven for miles and miles giving that engine the exercise it needed. Ive used mine to get things unstuck and pushed it to its limits more times than I care to mention. But suddenly when I got a newer one with a turbine engine, I babied it like crazy. I guess I had the concept that I needed to protect it so it would last longer. I found myself treating it with kid gloves. That was a big mistake as I found out from my not-so-happy mechanic who showed me the error of my ways.

Think of your truck engine like a body, the more it sits around and not used properly, the more stagnant and resistant it will become when you attempt to use it more. When the moving parts of an engine are not exercised or made to perform in a certain manner, they will, like a body, become resistant to moving and performing. There are times when you are in situations that you want that truck of yours to take a beating, and even though those times wont be on an every-day basis, when you need it to the most, it cant. You will meet resistance when you are counting on performance. Its like Newtons first law of objects at rest tend to say at rest.

So what can you to ensure you are using your truck and keeping the arteries clean and clear? This simply means sometimes those engines have to be driven hard. I call it an Italian tune-up. Carbon builds up if you dont blow it out now and then. I am not talking about reckless driving or breaking speed laws. It is not necessary to put the pedal to the metal at 100 MPH and smoke the tires. I am referring to extended driving beyond that quick work trip or late night trip to the store to get milk for the morning. Your truck engine needs to be driven long enough for the engine and components to thoroughly warm up to avoid the carbon and moisture build up, neither of which you want to occur, especially in the oil and crank case. You can achieve this by simply driving for a good distance of thirty miles or more at least once a week.

Combine extended driving with proper maintenance and you will not have to worry about your trucks cholesterol and can avoid costly repair bills. The added benefit to this is also extending the life of your truck, as you would your own body too. So drive that truck on a nice long ride, crank up the tunes and park way away from the door of your destination. That way, your truck engine and your body engine will both benefit from exercise.

About the Author: I am a NYS licensed Auto Damage Appraiser, CSE certified, I-Car Certified, and have worked in the automotive industry for decades. I’ve had the opportunity to teach auto body repair to misled kids in a classroom setting, giving them a chance to have a trade for a viable income. I found this very rewarding. Previously, I was all about the American muscle cars of the 60’s. Now, I find pickup trucks and the way they have evolved to be my fascination and focus. I truly enjoy hearing from fellow pickup truck enthusiasts, so stop in to

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What Does A Credit Repair Agency Do? The Credit Repair Cycle…

Submitted by: Ryan Jeffrey Bell

Before delving too deeply into what a credit repair agency does, let s first talk about what they cannot do. They cannot guarantee a better credit score. They cannot legally advise you to change your identity. And, unfortunately, they cannot eliminate legitimate debt. In fact, it should be noted that CRAs cannot do anything that you, the consumer, cannot do on your own.

What CRAs can do, however, is save you time, while providing accountability, experience and knowledge.

Think of it this way: say your car is broken down and you need to have it fixed. Perhaps you know what s wrong with your vehicle, but you do not own the tools or have the space needed to make repairs. So, you take your car to an auto repair shop. Or, maybe, you know what s wrong and have the tools and the space to fix it, but you don t have the time. You take your car to an auto repair shop. The point is, while you may have the tools or the knowledge (which can be found for free online), you do not always have the time to dedicate to repairs.

Credit repair services can be infinitely beneficial in that they save time and reduce the large amount of paperwork that is involved with credit repair. They have the time and the tools to:

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Find errors Finding errors is the first, and most crucial, step in restoring your credit. According to the Public Interest Research Group, nearly 80 % of credit reports have at least one error. Errors can range from misreported actions (i.e. wrongful late payments or last activity records) to merged credit reports (sharing the debt of somebody with a similar name) to poor record-keeping (reporting debt owed where debt has been paid off). Finding these errors is the first step to having them removed, and that s where credit repair services come into play.

Dispute errors Disputing errors is where the true value of a credit repair service can be measured. Once an error is found, CRAs dispute the error through letters to credit bureaus and/or the creditors in question. Depending on how much questionable content or how many errors exist on your credit report, this can be the most time-consuming process of all. Not only do CRAs have easier access to the needed materials for filing disputes, they have access to the proper channels needed to expedite the process as quickly as possible.

Awaiting response Seeing as the creditors have the right, by law, of 30 days in which to respond to a dispute, waiting for a response can seemingly take forever. Once in the hands of CRAs, a consumer need do little more than check their account for new information and forward the results to the CRA as letters begin arriving in their mail from credit bureaus.

Dispute errors again As if the process were not time consuming enough already, errors sometimes must be disputed more than once before coming to the proper conclusion. If the process seems to be tedious to begin with, imagine waiting 30-plus days only to have to write a second dispute letter and wait again.

Watch for improvement As long as the consumer follows the proper steps in consulting with a credible CRA, it is usually a matter of about 30 to 90 days before eliminations can be seen on credit reports, leading to improved credit scores. Most CRAs offer online accounts where the client can log in at any time to check on their progress. Like many things in life, credit repair is a service that requires patience in order to see results.

Dispute next error If the previous five steps seem like a lot, imagine doing that over and over for each and every possible dispute. Some credit reports can contain anywhere from a handful to a hundred different pieces of reported information. For each piece of information that may contain an error, the consumer must go through each of the preceding steps in order to have it removed. CRAs take the legwork out of the marathon that is so often credit repair.

While the ability to repair your credit on your own is there, the practicality of DIY credit repair is questionable, at best.

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Branding With Creative Outdoor Advertising

Branding with Creative Outdoor Advertising


Don Benton

Creative advertising ideas are essential to the success of any marketing plan. In order to leave a lasting and memorable impression on thousands of potential customers, outdoor advertising must clearly and concisely express your message and that message must support your brand image. There are many options to choose from when it comes to advertising supplies and services. When you investigate the credentials and experience of a marketing or advertising firm be sure and find out if they have an advertising promotional specialty. For example, a well-established, outdoor advertising company would be the best choice if you want to execute a powerful and successful outdoor advertising campaign.

Originality is the most important creative strategy in advertising. In America today consumers are bombarded by so many types of media, you don’t want to just grab their attention — you want to keep their attention. This will help you maintain your competitive edge and become profitable over the long term. One example of this is car dealer advertising. Car dealers often have commercials that are redundant and consistently present similar images. For instance how many times have you seen a truck, SUV or jeep driving through the desert or forest, crossing mountains and rivers in a commercial?

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It may have been a creative advertising idea the first time a car dealer promotion featured it, but now it is commonplace and predictable. Car dealers now are searching for something new that will set them apart from the rest. Plan a holiday event where a portion of the day’s profits benefits a charity and use this as part of your holiday advertising strategy. You may also consider running a car dealer promotion with advertising balloons to announce the event and draw in the public.

Creative advertising ideas can be successful and profitable, but they must also be emotional. It is essential that every company think about how they want their customers to feel. If your company brand, evokes emotions like loyalty, satisfaction, security, excitement or comfort it can generate much faster growth. Creative outdoor advertising can help you establish the brand image you need to attract and keep your best clientele.

Outdoor advertising can take many forms. You can drive a company car and have it custom painted with your company logo and contact information. You can execute a billboard campaign locally, regionally or nationally. Some businesses prefer to paint a mural on their storefront or participate in the local holiday parade by building or sponsoring a float. You can purchase or rent a huge promotional balloon or invest in producing a promotional event to attract new potential customers to your place of business.

Creative advertising ideas are a great way to refresh your company brand and invite new potential customers to your doorstep. Whether you own a gas station or a clothing store, whether you need to enhance your car dealer advertising or the marketing plan for your hospital, creative outdoor advertising can be the answer. Just remember, it is important that you complete the proper market research and create a tracking plan to monitor the success of the outdoor advertising campaign.

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