Software Companies In Indore: Bringing Prosperity To The City

Submitted by: David H. Urmann

Indore is the commercial hub and the fastest growing Tier II of central India. It is the biggest revenue contributor continuously booming to improve the city s prosperity. It houses many software companies that provide new jobs and industry exports.

Indore is located on the Malwa Plateau north of Vindhya Range, India. The city s name originated from Indreshwar temple made by the local landowners during 1741. It became a test market for software industries in central India. Software services companies around the city include Impetus Technologies, MphasiS, Teleperformance and InfoBeans Systems (I) Pvt. Ltd.

Impetus Technologies

Impetus is a product engineering services provider in India that creates software products. The company began in 1991 and evolves in 16 years providing outsourced software development solutions to its client companies.

The first award-winning product is for the Newspaper Industry. It automated the news acquisition processes. It uses wire services in saving valuable resources such as time and manpower. The company also developed software products in 1996. 3M was the first international account for software product engineering services in the year 1995.

Impetus Technologies focuses mainly in the areas that include SOA-based Platforms, Amazon Web Services, OpenSocial, WEB 3.0 and Google Apps. It also includes Flex, Ruby on Rails and multicore computing.

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MphasiS is a BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) and information technology company. It was originally named in June 2000 as MphasiS BFL Limited. It is a merger between MphasiS Corporation, a US-based IT consulting company as well as BFL Software Limited, an Indian IT services company.

They offer services on financial, healthcare and telecom. It focuses with high technology industries that provide application development, management and integration as well as BPO services of large-scale customer contact centers. MphasiS also serves clients from manufacturing, transportation, government and consumer retail fields.

The company emerged into 29 offices in 9 countries including China, Europe, South America and India. MphasiS continuously delivers Applications Services Outsourcing and global Infrastructure Technology Outsourcing through a domain, process expertise and technology know-how.

Teleperformance (TP)

Teleperformance is an international company that provides customer service, sales call center outsourcing, market research and technical support. It was founded in 1978 by Daniel Julien in Paris, France. The company also offers services for worldwide outsourcing in North and South America, Europe, Asia, Australia and the Middle East. It manages 281 contact centers in 45 countries with 88,000 employees.

Teleperformance gives services to over 75 markets and 16 geographically Nearshore and Offshore locations. The company begins building contact center activities in the US during the year 1993. It also relaunched its global-portal website with 12 country sites in 2006.

Teleperformance continues to expand in eastern regions of Russia and China with 1,593.8 million euros in 2007. It acquired the company AllianceOne as their leading U.S. client in 2007. It also gained Product of the Year award by CIS magazine the same year.

InfoBeans Systems (I) Pvt. Ltd.

InfoBeans Systems is an IT company that focuses on CMS (Content Management Systems) and custom web application development. It uses MS SharePoint and Drupal.

It has its corporate headquarters in Indore, branch office in Pune and development centers in California and San Ramon. It employs 100 people in India. It was first called as e-Infotech Ltd. in January 1999.

was the company s achievement that gained popularity among US based deportees. It became the first central Indian website that gives services on WAP-enabled phones.

The organization shifted into customized software development as the new Infobeans Systems (I) Pvt. Ltd. InfoSignz is the new digital signage technology of the company. It claims to deliver a revolutionary digital content management system for out-of-home advertising means.

Other small to large size software services companies around Indore are FirstSource, Suvi Webdunia, InfoServe Consultants and Armour Software.

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Top 7 Ways To Minimize Your Income Taxes

By Kristine McKinley

Are you paying too much in income taxes? Are you getting all the credits and deductions you are entitled to? Here are 7 tips to help you minimize taxes and keep more in your pocket:

1. Participate in company retirement plans. Every dollar you contribute will reduce your taxable income and thus your income taxes. Similarly, enroll in your companys flexible spending account. You can set aside money for medical expenses and day care expenses. This money is use it or lose it so make sure you estimate well!

2. Make sure you pay in enough taxes to avoid penalties. Uncle Sam charges interest and penalties if you dont pay in at least 90% of your current year taxes or 100% of last years tax liability.

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3. Buy a house. The mortgage interest and real estate taxes are deductible, and may allow you to itemize other deductions such as property taxes and charitable donations.

4. Keep your house for at least two years. One of the best tax breaks available today is the home sale exclusion, which allows you to exclude up to $250,000 ($500,000 for joint filers) of profit on the sale of your home from your income. However, you must have owned and lived in your home for at least two years to qualify for the exclusion.

5. Time your investment sales. If your income is higher than expected, sell some of your losers to reduce taxable income. If you will be selling a mutual fund, sell before the year-end distributions to avoid taxes on the upcoming dividend or capital gain. Also, you should allocate tax efficient investments to your taxable accounts and non-efficient investments to your retirement accounts, to reduce the tax you pay on interest, dividends and capital gains.

6. If youre retired, plan your retirement plan distributions carefully. If a retirement plan distribution will push you into a higher tax bracket, consider taking money out of taxable investments to keep you in the lower tax bracket. Also, pay attention to the 59- age limit. Withdrawals taken before this age can result in penalties in addition to income taxes.

7. Bunch your expenses. Certain expenses must exceed a minimum before you can deduct them (medical expenses must exceed 7.5% of your adjusted gross income and miscellaneous expenses such as tax preparation fees must exceed 2% of your AGI). In order to deduct these expenses, you may need to bunch these types of expenses into a single year to get above the minimum. To achieve this, you might prepay medical and miscellaneous expenses on December 31 to get above the minimum amount.

The most important thing is to be aware of the tax deductions and credits that apply to you and to plan for taxable events. And dont be afraid to ask for help. The benefits from consulting an experienced tax professional far outweigh the cost to hire that professional.

About the Author: Kristine A. McKinley, CFP, CPA, and founder of Beacon Financial Advisors, teaches individuals and families how to invest and plan for retirement, college, and other financial goals. Kristine offers financial and tax planning on an hourly, fee-only basis. To sign up for free financial planning tips, worksheets, checklists and more, visit


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Carhartt Jackets At Work Wear1 It’s Never Too Early To Prep For Winter Chills!

By Mike Girolami

Welcome to the official blog, an internet division of Michigan Industrial Shoe. Launched in mid May, 2005, is a retail website of mens and womens work wear clothing. We are a response to the high consumer demand for durable yet comfortable work wear apparel.

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“Michigan Industrial Shoe been outfitting workers with safety footwear and work clothing for over 50 years regionally in the Midwest and our expectation is that working class America will embrace our new web site and staff with the same positive response we’ve gotten locally”.

“Our relationship with Carhartt Clothing will allow us to provide an amazing selection and prices on Carhartt work clothes. Carhartt is considered by many to be the best in class for the work wear category and we are proud to be one of its top distributors

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In addition to Carhartt clothing, jackets, and appare, will also be selling work clothing and protective gear from manufactures like Wolverine and Dickies. While Carhartt shirts, jackets, pants, and other apparel is available now, online shoppers can watch for a large selection of our Wolverine and Dickies clothing lines to begin appearing in the Fall of 2008.

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Youll find that Carhartts winter lines of jackets and coats are among many things extremely warm, comfortable, and most importantly, high durability.

Another great Carhartt winter item are Carhartts Thermals and Carhartt Socks. Nothing can be worse than getting cold on the job site, so youll definitely want to stock on these before the cold weather comes.

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We are also currently offering a few lines of clothing from Wolverine including Wolverine Jackets, Wolverine Shirts, and Wolverine Shorts. Yet another great summertime investment Wolverine is an industry leader in mens work wear clothing.

Wolverines line of Jackets will be great to look into before these cold winters hit. Not an ultra-heavy coat, Wolverine Jackets offer a very comfortable, durable, and affordable option for the hard working professional.

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