Web Designer Michigan

Submitted by: Andrew Rojer

Michigan web designer are well versed in providing professional online services. They have strong passion for designing wonderful, impressive websites which helps the client s business to grow to its highest strength. They are very nicely acquainted with the requirement of the clients and try to serve them at their level best.

Developing an impactful website is the foremost step for starting or growing the business online. Web Designer Michigan is professional at planning, creating and maintaining online services. Their service is unbeatable and reaches the satisfaction of the clients. They are very talented, expert, experienced and skillful in their own field. Their services are based on around business development. The Specific feature which separates Professional Web Designer Michigan from other web designers is that it owns multiple services.

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Designing a website is now an essential part of a company s image brand and advertising, marketing and public relation campaigns. Designing a website includes graphic design which creates the actual look and feel of the website. Professional Web Designer Michigan are also involved in web development as well as creating the functionality behind a working website. They understand the technology as well as the intention behind websites which is essential for creating designs that are both attractive and functional. Professional Web Designer Michigan is looking forward to design the most fabulous site possible with the intention to create positive impact on the viewers.

Michigan web developers can be found working in all types of organizations including large corporate and governments, small or medium sized companies or as a freelancers. This is the reason why they have experience and success in their own field. Michigan Web Designer follow the modern techniques to design website, which is a merit to both the sides. They are expert in designing such impressive websites that can make sells because we have big dreams for our small business, which can evasion growth and increase sales. They bring the business to the next level of success.

Michigan Web Designers can help to get more business. Flash designers and other web related services are present in the Michigan area. They are not only professional but also affordable. They create dynamic sites streaming the specific marketing needs of a small business. As whole we can say that Web Designer Michigan can create a world classic look at a affordable price. Their affordable web development and attractive web designs services include secure-e-commerce, interactive marketing, internet site hosting, web database development. All these features make a complete website. They are well versed in providing online support and helpful advice.

In short we can say that Professional Web Designers Michigan are fast, knowledgeable, reliable, responsive, honest and great at doing work. They care about their clients and their business. They provide such solution that complements the unique brand. Their solutions give expected result. Michigan Web Designer are who will connect with and help each other with encouragement, suggestions, ideas, mentoring and search engine rankings by creating our own spider web of Michigan linked websites.

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Detoxing For Life Series Part 8) When Detoxing Eliminate Dairy}

Submitted by: Kolle Baca

This is Part 8 of a compilation of several articles to enlighten you and inspire you! I encourage you to jump in with both feet to detoxify your body, and begin enjoying all the benefits of the quality of life you were born to have!


Body Symptoms

There may be foods that are causing negative reactions in your body, but you are not aware of it because youve been living this way for a long time. When your body is full of toxins, it is difficult, if not impossible, to pinpoint what might be the culprit to you not feeling 100%. For example, I used to drink glasses of milk every day when I was growing up. I also suffered from daily stomachaches, and thought that it was normal. One day I stopped drinking milk, and I noticed that I stopped having stomachaches. Just like that.

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The Story Of Milk

Have you ever considered the fact that we are the only mammalian species that drink milk after infancy? Were also the only mammalian species that drink the milk from another creature! Sounds awful, doesnt it? No one can dispute the health benefits of a mothers milk, but its composition is specifically and heavenly designed to meet the nutritional needs of its own offspring. For example, cows milk contains an average of three times the calcium content of human milk. This, in turn, can create metabolic disturbances causing bone health issues in humans that can be quite detrimental to your health. You are simply not meant to drink the milk of another creature!

Milk -vs- Calcium

It is important to understand that milk and calcium are widely used interchangeably. It has been suggested that you need three glasses of milk (for the calcium content) each day for good bone health. As a calcium source, the pasteurized milk you purchase in the grocery store has little, if any, nutritional value. As a matter of fact, you can intake more calcium in a cup of organic broccoli or leafy greens than you can in a glass of milk. Also, most humans around the world cannot easily digest milk.

The Dairy Myth

The widely accepted health benefits linked to milk and milk products are an amazing public relations feat that has brain washed entire generations unquestionably. The milk you purchase at your local supermarket is processed, or a processed food. They have been highly pasteurized, eliminating key amino acids and enzymes. What we are left with are dairy products with only a 30% calcium absorption rate. Whey protein, which is what is left over when making cheese from milk, is the most abundant, popular, and cheapest form of protein available. It is thought to help build muscle, but in actuality, it is very difficult to digest.

Why Eliminate Dairy?

Dairy is HIGHLY ACIDIC. Like any other animal derived protein-rich food, milk has a positive potential renal acid load (PRAL). When you drink milk, it triggers a biological reaction in your body to protect the kidneys from the acid. It does this by utilizing calcium stores, sacrificing bone density, in order to neutralize the damaging acid protein before it can reach your kidneys. In a nutshell, your body will use the most readily available source of acid neutralizer, which happens to be in your bones! Heres the kicker: Even though milk contains calcium, it depletes your bones of this crucial mineral. Crrrrrraaaaaaazy!

Eliminating Dairy Is Only Part Of A Complete Detoxing Program

There are many detoxing programs available for you to choose from. There is often a misconception about what a detoxing program is. Some folks think it is some sort of liquid diet or fasting. Some people think that if they eat healthy foods for three days itll do the trick. Nope. You have to give your body time to first eliminate all the toxins, and secondly, to free your body from harmful addictions and have it acclimate to its new state of well-being. I recommend a four-week program. Be extremely strict, i.e. dairy-free, gluten-free, coffee-free, GMO free, soy-free, sugar-free, artificial sweeteners-free, etc.

About the Author: My name is Kolle and I am a fellow health nut and a certified yoga instructor. At this point in my life, all of my passion is pouring into helping as many people as I can discover how to return the body to its natural state of alkalinity, where disease CANNOT live. When you no longer find yourself exerting the extraordinary energy required to take care of a diseased-ridden body, you quickly discover how AMAZING your body is designed to feel. This reclaiming of our natural state frees us from our burdens, lightens our load, and allows us to improve our quality of life. I can empower people to empower people to empower people! Join me :




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Truck Liability Insurance: A Truck Insurance Coverage Primer

By Patrick Winchester

Commercial truck insurance comes in a variety of different forms. This is due to the fact that the commercial truck industry is highly diversified.

Some motor carriers and independent haulers carry a variety of goods while others carry only specific cargo. Some carry no goods at all and work solely as commercial service vehicles, as is the case with many construction trucks. Sometimes the ‘goods’ carried are another automobile, as is the case with tow trucks or car carriers.

This high degree of specialization in the truck industry has forced the commercial truck insurance industry to become equally encompassing. Many different coverage options are now available to cover the many facets of the industry. The type of insurance coverage needed will depend on factors such as state and local regulations, the nature of the cargo and commercial truck, and the individual needs of the motor carrier or independent driver in terms of coverage amount.

Primary Truck Liability Insurance

First and foremost, all truck drivers must be covered by a primary liability policy.

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This covers the cost of damages and bodily injury sustained to others in an accident a truck driver may be involved in. This is the most basic type of commercial truck insurance and is required by law for all commercial truck drivers to have.

Additional Truck Insurance Coverage

Primary liability coverage does not, however, cover damage to your personal property. Independent haulers need to be aware of this as their trucks will be at risk when on the road and their contracted employers may not cover the cost of repairs. A separate physical damage policy can be purchased to cover such costs.

Oftentimes, physical damage clauses will be presented in the form of comprehensive coverage. Comprehensive coverage is typically more expensive than simple truck insurance required by law in order to operate your vehicle, but the tradeoff is that your own assets are protected, regardless of fault, and comprehensive coverage makes provisions against disaster, fire or theft in addition to the physical damage insurance clauses.

Bobtail Insurance

Back to independent truckers, Bobtail insurance is also an important type of coverage for independents. It serves as a substitute for primary liability coverage when independents are not actively dispatched (and therefore not covered by an employer’s liability policy).

Cargo Insurance

Another type of coverage includes cargo insurance. Cargo insurance may need to be purchased in addition to liability insurance to protect against liability for damage to cargo you do not own. It may also be required by federal or local law if you haul dangerous materials. Typically, in the case of independent owner/operators, cargo insurance isn’t necessary since it is highly likely that the motor carrier, trucking company or fleet you are serving will carry this type of coverage for either their specific job or blanket coverage for their company.

Trailer insurance is a separate commodity as well along the same lines. In most cases, this will be provided by an actual motor carrier or fleet if provided at all. In the case that an independent trucker owns and uses their own trailer for hauls, trailer insurance can be extremely beneficial to protect against damages that may occur while the trailer is either on the job, or parked and not in use.

About the Author: Patrick Winchester is a writer with truck insurance know-how. Visit this original blog post at: royaltytruckinsurance.com/blog/2011/07/truck-liability-insurance-a-truck-insurance-coverage-primer/ or check out some more truck insurance resources at royaltytruckinsurance.com/articles.html

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Marketing Agency In Phoenix: It Costs No More To Be An Optimist

By Allan Starr

While preparing for a presentation to a client at our Phoenix marketing agency, a promotional piece popped onto my computer screen. I was on deadline, but because I was a bit intrigued by the subject line, I decided to give it a glance. It promised to offer keys to success in what it called the ‘post recession business economy.’ Interesting choice of words, I thought, so I opened it.

The piece instantly brought to mind the following thoughts, listed here not necessarily in the order of importance:

— Even though there have been some signs of a partial recovery, there have been at least as many indicators that, indeed, we still are in a recession (some responsible pundits even hinting at a double-dipper).

— The perpetrator of this promo was an optimist, a charlatan, or both.

— So, what’s wrong with being an optimist, any way?

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The answer is nothing .. . so long as it remains an attitude rather than basis for planning ones next moves. John Kennedy called himself ‘an optimist without illusions’ (a self-serving self-description, but one that offered the hope, at least, that we were in good hands). We like leaders who are optimists, don’t we? If so, it seems our employees should, as well – doesn’t it?

My uncle said so

Flense Hawkins, my ne’er-do-well uncle who still plows the soil on his mini-spread up in Heber, AZ, may be the black sheep of the family (he’s detested mainly by the prudes in the clan, who methinks secretly envy him) told me something as a barefoot boy with cheek of tan that I never have forgotten: ‘It costs no more to be an optimist, Little Al.’

On many occasions that belief has been proven to be correct, especially considering the wrong turns we might have taken in our life were it not for ‘The power of positive thinking.’ (And, didn’t Norman Vincent Peale cash in on that line handsomely?)

And even though the only person Ol’ Flense commands these days is his horse, Sally, you can bet his strong hand on the reins are a comfort to her. And the probable deciding factor that gets them both back to the barn well before sunset and right at “Bud Time.”

The important part

Be that as it may, the important thing to consider is that, much like the pilots, we seem to get better mileage in business with a tail wind rather than a head wind. And, as heads of our companies, leading by example is a proven technique that trumps most others we may practice.

That said, instead of waiting for the recession to chew us up and spit us out, I subscribe to the principle that being a victor is better than being a victim. This process starts with acting like a winner by being proactive. And what better place to start than the adoption of a marketing plan that is conducive to success, rather than drift?

Someone has said failing to plan is closely akin to planning to fail. Go forward with a smile on your face; one that everybody, not the least of which are those on your staff, can see and emulate.

And, happy marketing!

About the Author: Allan Star, founder of Marketing Partners of Arizona (MPA), is former governor of the Southwest District of the American Advertising Federation (AAF), two-term president of The Arizona Small Business Assn. and served six terms on the board of directors of The Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce. MPA was founded in 1976 and provides strategic marketing, advertising, public relations, sponsorship procurement and internet marketing services nationwide.




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