George Bush completes his Middle East tour
George Bush completes his Middle East tour

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

President Bush ended his Middle East tour after a show of support for the Israeli-Palestinian peace process from Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak.

President Bush began his Middle East tour in Israel, where he sought to encourage the peace process.

He ended it in Egypt, one of only two Arab states that recognizes the state of Israel.

Relations between the Israeli and Egyptian governments have been tense lately. But President Mubarak says he supports Israel’s efforts to reach a deal on the creation of a Palestinian state.

Speaking through a translator, he endorsed the goal of reaching an agreement by the end of the year.

“We are ready, hand in hand with the United States of America and the quartet and all other regional and international stakeholders and parties to work for the sake of a comprehensive and just peace, to put an end to this Israeli-Palestinian conflict, to open new horizons for the Middle East,” Mr. Mubarak said.

During a joint appearance before reporters at the conclusion of their consultations in Sharm El-Sheikh, President Bush said he believes peace is possible. But he warned it will not happen if Arab leaders turn away.

“I am optimistic an agreement can be reached, and the reason I am is because I believe the leadership of Israel and the leadership of the Palestinians is committed to a two state solution,” Mr. Bush said. “And I know nations in the neighborhood are willing to help.”

Mr. Bush said once again that he is committed to the process, and he said people in the region can rest assured he will remain engaged.

In a final message before ending the tour Mr.Bush said “If they wonder whether or not the American president when he says something, he actually means it.” He continued by saying “When I say I am coming back to stay engaged, I mean it. And when I say I am optimistic we can get a deal done, I mean what I am saying.”

The talks in Sharm El-Sheikh dealt primarily with the peace process, but also covered the situation in Lebanon and Mr. Bush’s call for more democratic reforms in the region.

The president said it is important to encourage presidential elections in Lebanon, which have been blocked by a larger dispute among political factions over the shape of the new government. He also called for Syria and Iran to end their interference in the process.

Mr. Bush’s visit prompted some demonstrations and angry editorials in various newspapers. He said that is a vivid display of freedom of speech in Egypt. But he made clear more reforms are needed.

“And my hope is that the Egyptian government will build on these important steps and give the people of this proud nation a greater voice in your future,” Mr. Bush said. “I think it will lead to peace and I think it will lead to justice.”

President Bush traveled to Egypt from Saudi Arabia where he raised concerns with Saudi King Abdullah about the impact high oil prices are having on the U.S. economy. White House spokeswoman Dana Perino said the president hopes that as a result of those conversations, OPEC will put more oil on the world market.

His visit to Egypt was criticised by the banned Egyptian oppositian party, the Muslim Brotherhood. they organised a protest which took place yesterday against Mr.Bush’s visit.

Ontario Votes 2007: Interview with Green candidate Marion Schaffer, Oakville
Ontario Votes 2007: Interview with Green candidate Marion Schaffer, Oakville

Monday, September 24, 2007

Marion Schaffer is running for the Green Party of Ontario in the Ontario provincial election, in the Oakville riding. Wikinews’ Nick Moreau interviewed her regarding her values, her experience, and her campaign.

Stay tuned for further interviews; every candidate from every party is eligible, and will be contacted. Expect interviews from Liberals, Progressive Conservatives, New Democratic Party members, Ontario Greens, as well as members from the Family Coalition, Freedom, Communist, Libertarian, and Confederation of Regions parties, as well as independents.

Cz Bracelets: How To Care For The Cz Jewelry You Love

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Six killed in Sadr City bombing
Six killed in Sadr City bombing

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Iraqi police report a bomb explosion killed five civilians and one security official, and injured at least another twelve, Wednesday at 9:15 a.m. The bomb was planted near a state-operated bank in a Shi’ite slum.

The blast occurred while retirees waited in line to receive their pension checks.

Three anonymous civilians told Associated Press, the blast killed three men and two women.

According to Naval officer Admiral Mike Mullen, violence in Iraq is at its lowest since 2003, however, Baghdad remains an area where low-level violence still occurs.

Cruise ship sinks off Greek coast, two missing
Cruise ship sinks off Greek coast, two missing

Thursday, April 5, 2007

An evacuation operation was carried out today as a cruise ship ran aground off the coast of Santorini, a Greek island, leaving up to 1,167 passengers and 391 crew to abandon the ship.

The Sea Diamond took on water and listed twelve degrees after running aground, but had been stabilized. Fifteen hours after the grounding, the ship sank.

Cruise operator Louis Cruise Lines had announced earlier that all passengers and crew were accounted for. Officials are now reporting that two passengers are missing. A 45-year-old man, Jean-Christophe Allain, and his 16-year-old daughter, Maud, were reported missing by family members also on the cruise, according to a merchant marine ministry official.

BBC journalist Malcolm Brabant reported that the missing passengers had been in a lower-deck cabin when the ship ran aground. Allain’s wife and son escaped safely to the upper decks.

Most of the passengers on board the Sea Diamond ship are either American or German. Local news reported that the ship is taking on water after striking a reef in the volcanic island’s lagoon, similar to a lake, and issued a distress signal, launching an operation that led more than a dozen ships and five Greek Navy helicopters to evacuate all the people on board, with many boarding a small ferry.

The ship was about one nautical mile – 1.8km – from the island’s coast when it ran aground. The ship’s operators, Louis Cruise Lines, earlier said that a “controlled evacuation” was underway, but that “there is no danger to passengers”. The ship had left the Athenian port of Piraeus on Monday for a five-day tour of the islands. The sea was calm when the incident occurred.

“Some passengers have already reached the island and no-one has been hurt,” an official at the Santorini coastguard has said, whilst Merchant Marine Minister Manolis Kefaloyiannis said to reporters, “Thankfully, everything has gone well so far. Emergency services responded very quickly and very well.”

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43 dead in Iraqi bomb blast
43 dead in Iraqi bomb blast

Monday, July 19, 2010

A suicide bomber killed 43 people in Iraq Sunday, injuring an estimated 40 more.

The attack occurred southwest of Baghdad and targeted members of a government-backed militia, Sons of Iraq, also known as the Sahwa, who were waiting to collect their pay. Early reports say the attacks killed at least three soldiers and injured an additional thirteen, while three accountants died and four more were wounded. It’s not yet clear who the remaining casualties are.

A survivor of the bombing said that “[t]here were more than 85 people lined up in three lines at the main gate of the military base to receive salaries when a person approached us. When one of the soldiers tried to stop him, he blew himself up.”

An Iraqi military official said that “[t]he suicide bomber blew himself up in the biggest group of Sahwa members. We generally let them enter the base in groups of 10 for them to get their salaries.”

A second suicide bombing took place in Western Iraq, when an attacker fired upon Sahwa militants in Al-Qa’im before blowing himself up, killing three people, with six more injured.

Credit for the attacks has not yet been claimed, but al-Qaeda is considered the probable culprit.

The Sahwa movement is a Sunni militia group that split from al-Qaeda in 2006, and with US support have been one of the groups fighting al-Qaeda. In recent months, members of the militia have said that they have come under attack from other militant groups, and support from the Iraqi government has been reduced.

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Gps System Tracking Applications Of Gps Tracking System

By John B Mayall

The General Positioning System (GPS) tracking system is the latest breakthrough of the technology aiming at improving people’s lives. The GPS tracking system is reported to be used as a travel guide and as a tracking device of vehicles. No matter its application, GPS devices are good travelling companions.

The actual process of GPS tracking system is straightforward. In short, there are exactly 27 satellites rolling around the center of the Earth. Out of them, 24 are used by the GPS technology and the remaining ones are used for storage purposes. A GPS receiver installed in your car emits a signal to these satellites. Four available satellites will be used to find out your exact position. The mathematical tenet involves in this computing process is called trilateration. It can be achieved in either two dimensions or three dimensions.

Adverse weather conditions can affect the accuracy of the position. This issue is still to be addressed by GPS vendors as they are struggling to tweak their devices as a way around this problem.

Applications of GPS devices are twofold: the first one being as travelling guide as you can set your destination and the receiver will work out your location. It will also tell the best trajectory to reach your destination. It should be noted that some devices are able to talk as well. The GPS technology is also reported to be used in the military industry as it was first created for such purposes.

YouTube Preview Image

Another application of GPS devices is for tracking purposes. For instance a car company may decide to install GPS device in their cars in order to record their position all over the time. This can help them improving their delivery times and also increase their efficiency. An employer also can make use of this device to make sure that his employees are not abusing company car privileges.

Private investigators also make use of GPS tracking devices in order to keep track of cheating wives. Law enforcement also makes use of GPS devices to locate people who steal cars. Recent GPS devices are also able to report a driver’s habits therefore deciding if the driver is responsible enough to carry on.

The GPS tracking system is also a perfect way around home construction site thefts. Indeed, recent news from the Tennessee reveals that GPS tracking devices have helped identify a rash of construction site thefts where many thieves were used to nicking home appliances. A Tennessee police spokesman later on claims that these hard to break burglaries could be tracked down in less than 24 hours with suitable GPS tracking devices.

Still in the US, it is well known that some school buses are equipped with GPS tracking devices for emergency response purposes. Indeed, school buses equipped with the GPS tracking devices can be used to shuttle emergency responders such as fire fighters, and evacuate those in need, including nursing home residents.

In summary, GPS device applications are growing more and more over the time. There are mainly used for military and civilian purposes as we described in previous sections. It is nowadays commonplace to see GPS devices almost everywhere as we saw in the previous sections.

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Police called to investigate after tenant draws swastikas in landlord’s house
Police called to investigate after tenant draws swastikas in landlord’s house

Thursday, September 6, 2007

82-year-old Jewish Bowmanville, Ontario woman Ms. Marion Schwarz’s house has been found vandalized with graffiti showing neo-Nazism expressions, as well as swastikas. Broken windows and walls were found ripped open.

The terms “Kike”, “Fuck Jews,” and “White Power” were written in white around the house, as well as a large green swastika.

The woman’s husband Mr. Allan Schwarz, was returning home to their house on King Street East, the town’s center, to bring home a present for their 40th wedding anniversary when he found the house not the way he left it.

Bought to start an antique store, the Schwarz’s started a cattle business instead and later rented it out. Ten years ago their tenant started to rent the house, just five months ago he stopped paying rent saying he was on welfare. Ms. Schwarz offered to lower his rent. He vandalized and fled, with his son and daughter, from the house on Tuesday morning, the day he was to be evicted. She was accompanied by her son Alan, two police officers, and a locksmith.

“I don’t know what happened to him … Up until the last while, I never had a day’s trouble with him. He was friendly,” Ms. Schwarz said.

Durham Regional Police are now investigating what they refer to as an “incident”, and what lobby group B’nai Brith Canada has argued constitutes a “hate crime”.

“A swastika on its own, as per the Criminal Code of Canada, is not a hate crime,” said Sgt. Paul McCurbin. “It doesn’t have the proper components to be considered a hate crime. For example, if I said that I was going to kill a race of people or we should kill a race of people, that would be considered a hate crime.”

A local neighbor, who asked not to be named, swept glass from the broken windows off the sidewalk, worried that dogs could cut their feet. She said the tenants were private people.

A Prisoner of War (POW) camp was located in Bowmanville during World War II (WWII). [1] [2] Named Camp 30 it held captive German army officers from the Afrika Korps, fliers from the Luftwaffe and naval officers from the Kriegsmarine. Many of them were transferred from England. Among them was famous top U-boat ace of World War II Otto Kretschmer. He was involved in the Battle of Bowmanville.

The Bowmanville boys’ school was the building holding the prisoners. The facility had been designed to house 300 boys. Surrounding the existing school buildings was a barbed wire fence. It was not the typical POW camp, having good food and prisoners being well treated. It had gardens and even a swimming pool was built. Movies were shown each week, music concerts were held, and stage plays were produced.

Mr. Schwarz fled from Germany to Canada in 1938. Marion, a Toronto native, and her husband moved to Bowmanville to start a new life.

“In 1938, we found safe haven in Bowmanville,” said her son Alan. “It was wonderful place to settle and my parents have been here basically for 70 years. They never anticipated ever facing the same kind of symbolism they had to leave Germany for.”

The investigation still continues. The tenant’s name has not been released.

“We couldn’t foresee anything like this because human beings don’t do things like this.”

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Popular Aquaguard Ro Water Purifiers}

Popular Aquaguard RO Water Purifiers


Hritu Jain

What are the parameters that you take into account when you buy water purifiers? If you are just buying one that is the cheapest without considering what you exactly require, you are wasting your money. Right from knowing which purifying technique you should go for by getting the water tested to selecting the right brand renowned for quality, durability, satisfactory after sales service support, and innovation, everything matters. If you go only for price and aesthetic looks, you are not ensuring a healthy and disease-free life for yourself and your family. Health does matter; so, it is wise to be cautious while buying water purifiers.

Eureka Forbes water purifiers are the choicest water purifiers in the Indian market. No matter what type of water you receive in your tap or whatever be the source of water, you get the corresponding water purifiers. In most of the regions in India, the TDS content in water is very high; doctors and water specialists recommend use of RO water purifiers in such a condition.

It is the Eureka Forbes Aquaguard RO that is worth mentioning here. Three of the Aquaguard RO purifiers that are the most preferred by users include the following:

Aquaguard Total Atom: Specially designed for area with hard water, this ultra compact system is equipped with 5-stage purification, reducing the TDS level of water and reviving its sweet taste

Aquaguard Total Protec+: This next generation Eureka Forbes Aquaguard RO comes with the latest 3G technology that electronically enhances the life of the membrane, removing noxious waste including physical, chemical and microbiological contaminants

Aquaguard Total Reviva: This Aquaguard RO is popular for removing a harmful lead, a cause of brain damage, especially in young children. Besides, it removes water-borne disease-causing micro organisms, chemicals, etc.

Regarding Eureka Forbes after sales service, there is hardly any scope left for grievance. The company is always on its toes to meet the after sales service needs of its millions of users. All you need to do is dial 3988 3333, which is accessible round the clock; prompt response is assured.

Ritu Jain is a freelance technician which provides detailed explanation on water purifiers, vacumm cleaner, air purifiers and ro water purifiers company reviews.

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Australian water polo players Zagame and Rippon whooping it up
Australian water polo players Zagame and Rippon whooping it up

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Earlier today, the Australian Institute of Sport and Swimming Australia cancelled a team meeting for the Australian Stingers and a Swimming Australia Grand Prix event scheduled for this weekend after two Olympic bound water polo players, Melissa Rippon and Nicola Zagame, were diagnosed with whooping cough.

Both players are receiving treatment administered by the Australian Institute of Sport. Meanwhile, their teammates are in quarantine. In a statement issued by Water Polo Australia, they said “Water Polo Australia is taking this very seriously and will continue to work closely with AIS health professionals to provide the best care for those players diagnosed and to reduce any potential further risk”.

For Australia’s Olympic bound swimmers, their coaches are expected to arrange alternative training ahead of their leaving for Europe. In a statement released by Olympic swimming head coach Leigh Nugent, he said, “Originally we’d planned to have this camp as an opportunity to come together for some further relay preparation and the chance for some of the athletes to race and time trial, a month or so out from the Games. From a relay perspective we are confident we’re on track with our preparations and will fine-tune things when we get to Manchester in July.”

Rippon and Zagame are expected to be recovered next week and should be ready for London.

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