Starting A New Life In The Dorm

Starting A New Life In The Dorm


Amanda J Greene

You are accepted to the University of your choosing and sent applications for housing. You are a freshman and the only thing you know about living in a dorm room on campus is what you’ve seen on your favorite programming. You are curious as to what to prepare for and you are crossing your fingers hoping that you will not regret this occasion.

The expense for a college dorm room is anywhere from $7,000 to $9,000 a year based on whether you have a roommate or not. This might seem expensive, but you will discover that living off campus in your own apartment will drain your pockets even more. When living off campus, you have to stress about paying rent, as well as, utilities, cable, phone and internet.

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A dorm room usually comes with a roommate, two beds, two dressers and, two study desk. Prepare yourself to have to go over livable ground rules with your roommate, to ensure your stay will hopefully be a pleasant one. When living in a dorm, remember that each floor has showers that everyone shares, so have some shower shoes ready at all times and, make sure you clean up after yourself to encourage good hygiene and a clean living area.

Living in a college dorm is going to be an experience you will not forget! Living in a dorm, provides you with a social experience unlike any other. You will meet many unique and interesting individuals that you would have probably never have met under any other circumstances. The students you will live with will become a part of you just like family is a part of you. You will make friends that might become your friends for the rest of your life. You will disagree with certain individuals and have to come up with proper solutions to resolve your problem quickly, so you can avoid having to spend the year always at conflict with the individual.

The majority of dormitories are loud and noisy with the everyday sound of people buzzing to the sound of speakers rattling in the background. This noise could become a nuisance so make sure you have some earplugs accessible. If you encounter a problem with a roommate or a resident at your specific dormitory and can’t figure out a resolution, make sure you talk with a RA. An RA is a resident assistant that is there to make your living experience primarily enjoyable. They will help you resolve any issue you might face while living in a dormitory so treat them with respect!

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Starting A New Life In The Dorm

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